DRM9的系统不能再使用了 (老的帖子,最初发帖子应该是2009年左右,从那时起,DRM 9就不可用了,但由于从百度空间搬家过来,所以时间显示为2012年帖子)

最近,多个朋友告诉我,他们原来的DRM 9的SDK做的系统,在到期后,申请了新的证书后,却不能发放证书了。看来微软调整了策略,9的SDK似乎是不能正常使用了。DRM 9似乎不能发放许可了!

我们随后亲自验证了一下:在9的证书过期后,再去http://licenseserver.windowsmedia.com上获取一下证书后,就发现不能发放许可了。在simple.asp中,提示异常:DRM CreateObject Error (C00000FD)。在这一句中:Server.CreateObject(“Wmrmobjs.WMRMLicGen”)



有人联系了微软,说原因是许可过期了。这个是SDK 9的一个bug,但是微软不打算去修正了。只有一个办法,更新到10的SDK。呵呵,所以,遇到这个问题的朋友,可以联系我们获取10的SDK。联系我们或者自己申请SDK,可以参考:http://blog.dolit.cn/drm-sdk-download-html

I corresponded with a MSFT employee who said that the license is expired. We
are aware of this, as we have to renew the license each year!

The real kicker is that there is a bug in SDK 9. It is not going to be
fixed. This means if you are using v9 SDK, once your license expires, you are
required to move to v10, which requires an application/approval process
taking (at minimum) several days. There is no escalation path for this bug,
and no way to do anything but upgrade to v10.

In short, “Yes, our update broke your license server. No, we don’t have any
plans to resolve it, and if you want to get it working again, well, your ONLY
option is to upgrade.” And that will take (according to MSFT) several days to
several weeks.

I hope that this helps anyone else experiencing the same issue! Enjoy being
SOL until such time as your application is approved.



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